This Girls in ICT Day, we’re bringing girls to the center

The digital revolution has transformed technology into a powerful and vital tool. However, this technology has inherently been owned and run by men, for men, marginalizing women and girls and perpetuating harmful and sexist biases. Equality Tech is here to change that.  

Equality Tech brings girls to the center of technology, advancing gender equality and pioneering youth engagement at every stage of the design of technology and digital spaces. It brings girls to the center of technology, proactively working against the elimination of inherent gendered biases in tech, advancing the inclusion of girls in digital spaces, and through a Girl-Centered Methodology that promotes access, safety, and gender equality. 

We have partnered with Samsung Electronic Nordics to help shape its commitment to empowering future generations through education and innovation as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Solve for Tomorrow. Together, we have made the bold commitment to the Generation Equality movement to “advocate for the creation of technology that challenges harmful gender norms and stereotypes through the engagement of girls and adolescent girls of innovators of technology.” With Samsung’s partnership, we have had the opportunity to launch our global campaign, working with girls all over the world from Peru to Nepal. From beginning to end, we bring girls to the center of our projects, hosting workshops, having an open dialogue about their own experiences with technology, and using their ideas to develop better and more inclusive digital solutions to break down gender barriers. Equality Tech is committed to creating pathways for girls to become innovators and creators of technology.  

In honor of Girls in ICT Day 2022, Equality Tech is promoting safe digital spaces free from online harassment and harmful gender-based biases and advancing ownership and access to technology by ensuring girls are brought to the center.  

In partnership with Samsung Electronics Nordics and the continued girls’ involvement, we’re proud to have developed Sheboard, a predictive text app that encourages its users to use less gendered language when typing about girls and women. Working just like a smartphone suggestion keyboard, the app nudges its users towards using more diverse language and less gender-stereotypical words. We’re also proud of our new beauty filter prototype, “Our Beauty Lies Beneath.” Our Beauty Lies Beneath is as fun as any standard smartphone filter but promotes confidence, strength, and individuality without changing or editing your physical appearance.  

Equality Tech is fueled by the power of girls in technology, empowering young girls to raise their voices and ensuring safe and accessible digital spaces. We will continue to champion Equality tech in our digital development programme so future digital platforms and technologies are designed as inclusive for everyone.